Inktober Day 8


I’ve started connecting the last few Inktober drawing together into a single sheet, resembling tattoo flash. I also added some gold embellishments, to emphasize all the shining and illumination that are the focus of each of these designs (the fire of the grail, the shimmer of the crystal, the glowing lightbulb.) Working on smaller designs at any given time feels much less daunting than producing a full page image every day (plus, it looks pretty damn cool)! I may sell the finished page when I’m done!

Practice, Practice…

A cursory glance at my art reveals I LOVE fussing over details – the more little lines and dots I can squeeze in, the happier I am. It’s meditative, losing myself in repetitive linework.
So, I just started a new illustration a bit larger than my standard work (11″ x 15″ instead of 10″ x 12″), filled with detail for me to faun over. I want to practice adding depth to my illustrations, and varieties of texture. The sketch I made is based on my study abroad experience in Ecuador, hiking through the rainforest to a circle of lemon ant trees. These tree groves have an interesting name in Quichua, the native language – Supay Chacra, which translates to “The Devil’s Orchard.”

Trying to push through my urge to make every line perfect and just MAKE. THINGS.