Commissions and Past Projects

Interested in a commission? Email with your ideas!


October, 2018 – business card and t-shirt design for Estelle Shambles, ink and gel pen with digital editing


September, 2018 – logo design for OutHaus drag collective, ink with digital editing

horrorfied podcast

June, 2018 – Logo Design for The Horrorfied Podcast, ink and acrylic with digital editing

enlightened dreams colorenlightened smudge colorEnlightened Salts with color



February, 2017 – branding illustrations for Enlightened Wax, Enlightened Salts, Enlightened Dreams, and Enlightened Smudge – vegan soy wax candles, bath salts, pillow spray and smudging spray all infused with crystals and organic flowers.

(digital edit of ink illustration)


October, 2016 – pet portrait tattoo design

(digital edit of ink drawing on bristol board)

prints and merchandise available in my Redbubble shop


September, 2016 – all illustration work for Knots, the premier horror anthology by author E.Z. Morgan

(assorted sizes, all digital edits of watercolor paintings)



August, 2016 – custom 2″ circular label design for jarred wedding favors

(digital edit of watercolor painting with ink details)

June, 2016 – “Oh no, not again!” Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tattoo design

(prismacolor marker and ink on bristol board)

March, 2016 – “We All Live in a Haunted House

(miniature ink illustrations inside a vintage frame)


Cthulhu .jpg

November, 2015 – Cthulhu bust commission, prints & merchandise available at Redbubble

(10″ x 12″ hand inked illustration)


electric heart resized.jpg


September, 2014 – Electric Heart commission, prints & merchandise available at Redbubble

(10″ x 12″ hand inked illustration)



May, 2014 – Big Screw wine label design

(digital edit of hand inked illustration)


Mandala BW.png


Mandala zoom.png

September, 2008 – Evolutionary Mandala commission for the Kalamazoo College Year of Darwin Symposia 

(4′ x 6′, acrylic)

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