Lifeform Drawing Club: PSYCHEDELIC

The prompt for this week’s #lifeformdrawingclub was PSYCHEDELIC, and I cranked out this skull-splitter in two sessions totaling 11 hours of drawing time. My hand hurts. You can get copies and merch of this bad boy in my Redbubble shop, it looks particularly bitchin’ on pillows, totes, and dresses.

Skull Splitter: Psychedelic Headache

Inktober Day 8


I’ve started connecting the last few Inktober drawing together into a single sheet, resembling tattoo flash. I also added some gold embellishments, to emphasize all the shining and illumination that are the focus of each of these designs (the fire of the grail, the shimmer of the crystal, the glowing lightbulb.) Working on smaller designs at any given time feels much less daunting than producing a full page image every day (plus, it looks pretty damn cool)! I may sell the finished page when I’m done!

2 artists, 1 pledge

It might not be filthy, but it is titillating:

Help two artists with one pledge!

If you become a patron of Lefthanded Lenya within the next 28 days, you could help @disabledfemme and myself both earn a $500 bonus. Each patron can pledge as little as $1 a month, so if 28 of you beautiful humans reading this can spare $1, the goal will be met.

Disabled Femme is a queer, nonbinary artist in Canada who makes badass patches and zines.

Lefthanded Lenya is a queer, femme artist in ‘Murica who likes drawing monsters and cats.

She loves you very much.


In need of a new grimoire? Fancy something spooky to haul your tomes or stash your potion ingredients? Want to drink coffee… like a necromancer?

As far as I’m concerned, every day is Halloween and every night is right for witchery – and my art reflects that.

You can scoop up your own witchswag at my Redbubble shop, where my designs are available as prints or on a variety of merch ranging from stationary to bags, apparel, mugs and more!