Feeling Crafty

I turned my Stag Party fabric swatch into this cute hand sewn pouch with felt lining and a Velcro closure, and I can’t stop patting myself on the back about it. This project was fast, simple, frugal and useful – my favorite kind! 

A test swatch of this fabric is only $5 on my Spoonflower shop, and this pouch only needs one swatch – add the $1.50 felt for the lining, minimal thread, and whatever closure you have handy, and you’ve got a project you can make in a few hours for $10 or less. 

Symmetry Test

Here’s a series of art experiments I did just for fun, and possibly a moderate amount of insight into my own technique and limitations: the above image on the right is my Carabidae, Pincers Poised & Gleaming illustration, and on the left are both possible results of reflecting the image vertically for a perfectly symmetrical bug. I wanted to see how each reflection compared to the actual final image, and if I had a preference of either side when mirroring them. (Personally, I think I prefer the righthand side.) 

The header image for this post is what it looks like when I layer one mirrored, symmetrical version of the beetle over the other – I wanted to see how closely they aligned. As you can see, I have some practice to do, though a large part of me loves the current result for suggesting an insect’s scuttle.