Practice, Practice…

A cursory glance at my art reveals I LOVE fussing over details – the more little lines and dots I can squeeze in, the happier I am. It’s meditative, losing myself in repetitive linework.
So, I just started a new illustration a bit larger than my standard work (11″ x 15″ instead of 10″ x 12″), filled with detail for me to faun over. I want to practice adding depth to my illustrations, and varieties of texture. The sketch I made is based on my study abroad experience in Ecuador, hiking through the rainforest to a circle of lemon ant trees. These tree groves have an interesting name in Quichua, the native language – Supay Chacra, which translates to “The Devil’s Orchard.”

Trying to push through my urge to make every line perfect and just MAKE. THINGS.

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